One of the most revered names in India, Anamika Khanna creates wearable art that makes time stand still. 

Armed with a clear creative vision and decades worth of industry experience, Anamika Khanna’s innovative drive has seen her collections form a coalescence between global and Indian fashion.


Her design philosophy is simple: celebrating all that’s traditionally Indian by keeping it relevant to the modern world. From being the first Indian woman to showcase her collection at the Paris Fashion Week to being a part of the Business of Fashion 500 list, Anamika has been at the helm of the Indian fashion scene for decades, and has been instrumental in the modernisation of Indian wear, using traditional techniques and textiles.


Some of her innovative ‘firsts’ include the reinterpretation of the nine-yard sari to dhoti pants (dhoti-style saris are one of her signature creations) as well as introducing the trend of draped saris. 


A winner of many awards and accolades, Anamika Khanna, in her own words, is all about ‘finding your own personal style and having the dream and vision to express them to the world around you.’



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