Aikeyah is the Sanskrit word for ‘identity’ –– and the brand does a splendid job of staying true to its name. The brainchild of Isha Kapoor, the brand’s immaculate focus on comfort and ease is balanced by its contemporary perspective, whereas it doesn’t hesitate to seek inspiration from neither India’s rich cultural past, nor from its fashion-forward present.

The brand’s focus on tunics and casual wear is apparent, but these are created using only the finest silk and prime cotton. Its relaxed silhouettes help you look simple and stylish, but at the same time, give off a wanderer, bohemian feel.


Kapoor says that Aikeyah’s garments can be used as ‘separates’, which help accentuate one’s personality. All in all, Aikeyah is a brand that provides you with niche, comfortable designer cotton wear that allows you to not only express yourself, but also celebrate your individuality, without sacrificing on comfort, or ease.



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