Characterised by eloquent designs that are quintessentially Indian, Devnaagri is the brainchild of Kavita Jain and Priyanka Jain –– a dynamic, creative duo who themselves embody the spirit of a

Devnaagri woman.

The brand’s intricate creations boast a nigh on perfect blend of original designs and traditional, tried and tested craftsmanship, to create a range of clothing that’s specifically crafted for the free-spirited woman.


That’s not to say that the creations are wholly vintage, or fixated with the past. Sure, the brand doesn’t shy away from celebrating India’s glorious heritage and diverse culture, but by creating clothing that’s contemporary and timeless –– designer wear for the modern Indian woman that exemplifies elegance. In the designers’ own words, it’s all about making a distinct statement –– simplicity is the essence of it all.


Graceful, tasteful creations that are subtle, sophisticated, and exquisite –– celebrate Devnaagri, just like it celebrates you.



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