The Assamese word for ‘nomad’ or ‘wanderer’, Jajaabor seeks inspiration from its travels to bring you home to simple, timeless, elegant creations. 

Boasting indigenous designs, Jajaabor describes itself as a ‘fun and quirky’ brand, and does a splendid job at crafting a fusion of ethnic, local designs with western wear.


Bold and unapologetically indie, the brand manages to capture the unrestrained, nomadic spirit of the modern contemporary Indian –– only for its inventive clothing to set you free. Jajaabor does it without uprooting its belief in our traditions, too. In

fact, through its stunning dresses, shirts, coats, and jackets, the brand celebrates the Indian culture, and yet, encourages us to set sail and explore the world, and in turn, explore ourselves.


All in all, Jajaabor’s clothing promises to be an extension of your unbridled soul, allowing you to travel comfortably across this global village we call the world. Don a pair and traverse the world and hear its stories, and in turn, make some of memories of your own too.



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