A brainchild of designers Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh, Lovebirds was initially conceptualised in 2010 as a vintage store that paid homage to beautiful retro styles. 

Designers Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh

The brand that once curated vintage designer wear from around the world, eventually evolved into a label in 2013 that ‘understands a balance between efficiency and expression.’ 


Today, Lovebirds is a courageous Delhi-based brand that isn’t afraid to experiment, and is determined to craft designs that are easy on the eye, and easier to wear. Focusing on Indian textiles and digital and printed graphics, the designer duo works with a stunning blend of fabrics to create qualitative everyday clothing that focuses on shape and form, whereas its minimalistic approach and refined finesse add distinct elements of sophistication to your overall look. 


A reflection of moods rather than trends, Lovebirds’ innovative creations combine structure and fluidity to allow the modern woman to have an effortless relationship with the clothes she wears.