Not one to be fazed by modern chaos, Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna’s creations are what one could describe as timeless, individualistic designs, that are crafted to allow you to express and celebrate your unique identity.

After two decades of meticulously crafting contemporary clothing for men and women, RGRK’s bespoke creations succeed in bringing your vision to life, and allow you to channel your personality through what you wear. The designers’ success has been marked on numerous occasions through various ‘Best Collections’ awards, with the most glimmering feather on the hat being the prestigious 2011 GQ Designers Of The Year award.


Drawing inspiration from modern contemporary art, the duo’s designs pay heavy attention to silhouettes and detailing, and the designers have always tried to bring out uniqueness in each garment that they have created. Be it something as basic as flared silhouettes or something more risqué like asymmetrical hemlines, RGRK’s creations pay homage to the glam of retro colours, the sheer ethereal beauty of the contemporary, and on several occasions, a beautiful blend of both.


In the designers’ own words, “We create clothes we love. We believe in them and their potential to change people's lives.” No wonder the the designers remain the preferred label for the who’s who of the country, and boast a terrific clientele that’s only growing by the day.



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