One of the youngest, albeit most beloved labels, Saaksha & Kinni’s range of clothing is expressive and yet, doesn’t shy away from paying homage to the Indian tradition. With over almost a decade’s worth of experience in the field. 

The duo has worked for some of the best names in the business before charting their own entrepreneurial path –– and has translated that experience seamlessly to create impactful and comfortable occasion wear.


The brand might be just nigh on three years old, and yet, it has held its own in the market, thanks to the perfect job it does of creating luxe-boho garments using traditional Indian fabrics, striking prints, and metal and stone embroidery techniques. The duo’s designs boast antique hand embroidery with bold silhouettes, quirky cuts, and a marriage of contemporary and Indo-Western styles.


Armed with passion and purpose, the brand aspires to chase perfection –– and isn’t afraid to use Indian textiles like Bandhani, Ikat, and local embroideries to create everything from heavy lehengas and saris, to comfortably chic everyday wear.


All in all, the brand strikingly gorgeous creations are rooted in the traditions of India, and yet, through intricate research, skill-work, and application, are crafted in a manner that they’re in-keeping with the trends, making them the perfect match for the modern global woman.



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