Shehla Khan was born into a world of fashion –– and the fact that she became a designer was just meant to be. Such is her talent, that despite launching in just 2012, her label, called ‘Shehlaa’, is one of the most prominent brands in India today. She learnt her craft under the tutelage of Manish Malhotra, and has only grown in stature and forged her own unique identity since.

She firmly believes that fashion is incredibly personal, and is a form of expression –– and thus, sticks to minimalistic designs. Characterised by supple, sheer fabrics, delicate laces, intricate embroidery, and feminine designs, a typical Shehlaa creation is Indian couture’s tryst with Western wear.


Subtle, yet impactful, her designs pay homage to vintage elegance, which is evident in the simplicity of her designs. Those with a keen eye, however, can spot and appreciate minute detailing in every outfit, making each Shehlaa creation a masterpiece in its own right.



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