Armed by a detail oriented and fresh perspective on fashion, Varun and Nidhika’s contemporary design label is for the progressive Indian woman. Firm in its ways thanks to its creators’ strong design ethos, the brand is known to be organised every step of the way through the process of its prolific creations.

Established in 2010, the young label exudes flamboyance and is particularly focused on allowing its wearer to express her individuality.


Quintessentially contemporary, the brand is never one to chase trends, and is always a step ahead of the game. The label is characterised not just by its modern outlook, but also its boldness when playing with colours, craftwork, and textures –– and yet, leaves room for you to forge a unique relationship with the outfit. A deeper sense of personal style is incredible important to Varun and Nidhika, and the brand fervently involves you in its designing realm. All in all, a Varun and Nidhika creation will be an extension of your personality –– and the relationship that you create with the brand will be one that you will cherish for years to come.



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