Sartorialism in the age of Expression

The definition of Sartorialism has evolved from one that pertains purely to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress. With Fashion evolving to an expression of one’s identity, a blind perusal of trends is no longer enough. The modern Sartorial Expression is now about tailoring trends and customizing an aesthetic that is unique to an individual.

Curating ensembles from Amit Wadhwa, Arjan Dugal, Bloni, Bro Code, Dhruv Vaish, Khanijo, Suket Dhir, and Unit by Rajat Suri, the Edit brings forth designers who are at the forefront of this revolution.

Arjan Dugal, while discussing the change he notices in Indian Menswear highlighted his attention to detail and how he tries to push the boundaries by experimenting with color rather than draping. “Men are now willing to experiment and expand their color palette beyond neutrals. For example, incorporating a color like living coral in a bandhi has been a gamble that has been extremely well received.”

Indian men are now more conscious of the choices they make in terms of how they want their overall look to be perceived. They are willing to redefine masculinity through their appearance. An important aspect of the redefinition comes from an appreciation of timeless juxtaposed with the inculcation of the “new”. Clothes are now viewed with a context of exploring identity.

The sartorial Modernist brings the bespoke experience to the everyday. The Idea of “tailored” is now lifted from its literal meaning and expanded. Elaborating on this idea, Rajat Suri of Unit adds, “Indian men have come of age. We are traveling, we are collaborating, we are evolving, every day. There is a certain sense of absolute originality in whatever we do. And the “Sartorial Modernist” knows how to appreciate that."

The event is the first step in expanding the idea of finding your sartorial expression. To take the conversation forward, we invited 4 men and women from various creative fields and 9 designers to review the evolution of the notions in fashion and culture.

The 4 hosts; Daksh Marwaha, Adveye Sawhny, Arjun Chandra and Suhani Chandhok, were encouraged to bring forth a few of their friends for an afternoon of conversation, contemplation, and champagne.

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